03. Quick Languages

With Quick Languages’ 1,000 Key Words and Expressions Phrasebook, learning a language will be fast, easy, and fun! Did you know that we only use 1,000 words in our everyday vocabulary? Well, the same is true with any language! So, why bore yourself with unnecessary classes, when all you need to learn are the key words and expressions that we use daily?
With Quick Languages you can speak any language now!

This phrasebook will introduce and teach you the 1,000 key words and expressions, organized in 50 subjects, one per unit. In the 50 units we cover the most common situations encountered in the new language: greetings, polite expressions, the family, colors, numbers, at the restaurant, the pharmacy, the airport, the hotel, the bank, the doctor, essential verbs, the weather, etc.
Enjoy learning a new language with Quick Languages!

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