17. Criptografía sin secretos con Python

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Esta obra se centra en cómo programar los equipos para imitar el funcionamiento de las cifras clásicas y cómo pueden romperse (Descripción en inglés a continuación).

Dirigida a principiantes que nunca han programado, las técnicas básicas de programación a través de la criptografía mediante el uso de Python, un lenguaje interpretado ideal para programadores por su facilidad y potencia.

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Description in English: Cryptography has traditionally been defined as art or science that deals with altering written texts in order to render them unintelligible to unauthorized recipients. The only goal of cryptography is to add a layer of confidentiality to messages.

The history of cryptography is long and full with anecdotes.

The book covers the most important cryptographic milestones from Ancient Egypt to the Second World War. After the conclusion of this historic event, the rapid theoretical development and advances in computing posed a threat to the classic encryption systems. In the mid-70s, emerged what would be the latest revolution in cryptography: asymmetric systems.

This work, however, focuses neither on history, or on the theory of cryptography, but on how to program computers to imitate the operation of classical figures and how they can be broken.

Directed to beginners who have never programmed, it will show readers the basic techniques of programming through cryptography through the use of Python, an interpreted language ideal for programmers because of its ease and power.You can participate in the challenge of solving an encryption algorithm designed specifically for readers.

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