06. Conoce todo sobre SEO Luego Existo: El día en que el SEO acabó con mi tiempo libre

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Tener un negocio en Internet y que nadie lo visite es tan absurdo como tener una tienda que permanezca cerrada (Description in English below).

SEO luego existo nos enseña las estrategias que podemos utilizar para llevar nuestros sitios web a los primeros lugares de los resultados de búsqueda.

El autor expone su propia trayectoria al haber logrado elevar su propio proyecto a los primeros lugares de los listados de Google, utilizando las técnicas incluidas en este libro que además contempla materias como el marketing, las redes sociales o la publicidad.

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Description in English: SEO then I exist is the manual that a specialist in the field offers us to get into this discipline and know what it is and how we can use its techniques and strategies to position our web projects.

Having an online business and no one visiting it is as absurd as having a store that remains closed. SEO then I exist teaches us the strategies that we can all use to bring our websites to the top of the search results and stand out from our competitors.The author exposes his own career as a benchmark in the field, having managed to elevate his own project to the top of Google’s lists, using the techniques he talks about in this book.

The manual has three clearly differentiated parts:

– The first part describes the author’s background, his personal career and his website.
– The second, in which we find, on the one hand, the explanation of what SEO is and, on the other, the steps to take to achieve our web positioning objectives, distinguishing here in turn three stages: before creating the web, when we are creating it and once it is created. It includes not only the recommended strategies, but also the actions to avoid.
– The third, in which we find a very complete list and explanation of the tools that we can use so that our SEO is first class, as well as an alphabetical index.

Likewise, the book is not limited to the SEO discipline in the strict sense, but also includes neighboring subjects, such as marketing, social media or advertising.

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