61. Conoce todo sobre C ++. Básico

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Este libro se ha escrito con la intención de que un principiante pueda aprender de una forma sencilla a programar con el lenguaje C++, un lenguaje que favorece la programación estructurada y permite el desarrollo de aplicaciones orientadas a objetos (Description in English below).

Además, te permitirá trabajar con todo tipo de datos, crear estructuras de datos, trabajar con ficheros, manipular excepciones, entre otras funciones.

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Description in English: C ++ is a programming language designed by Bjarne Stroustrup and made available to developers back in 1985. Its creator’s intention was to extend the successful C programming language with mechanisms that allowed object-oriented programming. In that sense, and from an object-oriented languages point of view, C ++ is a hybrid language.

That is, C ++ was developed from the C programming language and with few exceptions includes C. This part of C could be compiled under C ++ with no problems.It is currently one of the most popular programming languages for developing general-purpose applications. Like many other languages, it allows working with all types of data, creating data structures, working with files, handling exceptions, etc. Furthermore, C ++ is a language that favors structured programming and allows the development of object-oriented applications.

This book has been written with the intention that a beginner can learn in a simple way how to program with the C ++ language. Therefore, all chapters are documented with resolved examples. Finally, once the learning stage has been completed, you can go deeper into the subject by following the recommended bibliography in the prologue of this book.

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