48. Conoce todo sobre Hacking práctico de redes Wifi y radiofrecuencia

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El libro describe todos los aspectos técnicos relacionados con las redes Wifi, por ejemplo, protocolos, protocolos, algoritmos de cifrado, así como los legales, para los siguientes aspectos técnicos relacionados con la seguridad de los diferentes tipos de redes inalámbricas, el equipo de laboratorio y las herramientas a utilizar (Description in English below).

Además, incluye una parte involucrada al pirateo de las radiocomunicaciones, que pese a ser una de las tecnologías más veteranas, se encuentra en una renovada etapa, dada la aparición de dispositivos como los SDR, unidos a las nuevas herramientas informáticas desarrolladas, directamente una nueva dimensión en el hacking de radiofrecuencia.

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Description in English: The objective of this book is to introduce readers to the world of security and hacking, specifically in the field of wireless networks, which are present not only in homes or corporate environments, but in a large number of public places, with the which constitute a widely used as well as vulnerable communication channel.Firstly, all the theoretical aspects related to Wi-Fi networks are described, such as protocols, standards, encryption algorithms, as well as the legal ones, and later on, technical aspects related to the security of different types of wireless networks are addressed. Laboratory needed and the tools to be used.

This is eminently practical content, which will allow the reader to start from scratch in this exciting world, starting with installing the Kali Linux distribution that will be used for pentesting, and then learning how to correctly manipulate the capture equipment, scanning the means in search of targets, analyze the signal, monitor the traffic and implement the different attacks that can be carried out on open networks, WEP or WPA / WPA2.

All the attacks shown in this book are staged step by step, in a practical way, so that the reader can fully reproduce them in a laboratory and acquire the necessary skills to audit the security of this type of network.

In addition, this book includes a part dedicated to radio communication hacking, which despite being one of the oldest technologies, is in a renewed stage of splendor, given the appearance of devices such as SDRs, which together with new computer tools developed, they provide a new dimension in radio frequency hacking. It will also detail how to configure and use a low-cost SDR to put into practice the concepts learned and enter this exciting world in a simple and economic way.

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