46. Conoce todo sobre Hackers. Aprende a atacar y defenderte

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En este libro, aprenderás las técnicas que se utilizarán para buscar y comprobar los fallos de seguridad de un sistema informático (Description in English below).

Se abarcan, entre otros, los siguientes temas:

• Conceptos básicos, tipos de ataques y plataformas de entrenamiento.
• Localización y análisis de un objetivo, trazado de rutas y escaneo de puertos.
• Hacking de sistemas.
• Hacking de redes.
• Hackeo de servidores web.
• Hackeo de aplicaciones.

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Description in English: The security of all IT systems is a crucial element that any administrator must assume as one of their main objectives. The large number of services that are offered through networks and the Internet has made it crucially important to shield systems against the different attacks by hackers.

Given this problem, the administrator must be prepared to face any attack that may compromise the security of the system. To find a solution to this conflict, the administrator must step into the shoes of a hacker and analyze how system security can be exploited.

But, is an administrator a hacker? Both roles have extensive computer skills and they analyze companies’ secureness to prevent failures. But the difference lies in their ethicsand professionalism. While a hacker «examines» a computer system for dubious purposes (economic, revenge, fun, etc.) an administrator does it to protect the system against possiblehacker attacks.

The second edition of the book is presented as an updated edition where you will learnthe techniques used to find and check for security flaws in a systemcomputer.

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