29. Conoce todo sobre Office 2016. Curso Práctico

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Este es el libro que necesitas para aprender a usar las aplicaciones de Office 2016 de inmediato (Description in English below).

Mientras vas avanzando, encontrarás ejercicios “paso a paso” que te ayudarán a ser más productivo en tu día a día de través de:

• Conceptos breves y concisos,
• Procedimientos paso a paso
• Ejercicios guiados

El libro es ideal para:

• Usuarios nuevos de Office
• Usuarios experimentados
• Docentes
• Estudiantes
• Profesionales

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Description in English: Office 2016 Practical Course is the book you need to learn how to use Office 2016 applications immediately. As you move forward with the course, you will find many “step-by-step” exercises that will help you be more productive at work, in studies, or in personal life.

Learn at your own pace through:

• Brief and concise concepts: The explanations are summarized to understand the general concept of the topics or of some tool.
• Step-by-step procedures: Teach the steps you must follow to use a certain tool and obtain results.
• Guided exercises: The Step-by-Step exercises will guide you through situations that will allow deeper learning of a particular topic or tool.
• Do it yourself: Test your learning and solve for yourself a series of practical exercises.

This book has been written with great care so that you, dear user, can make the most of each topic. Therefore, we suggest that this book can be of great help to:

• New Office users who want to learn how to use the most productive tools in this package.
• Experienced users who want to know what’s new in Office 2016.
• Teachers who wish to increase their skills for the use of ICT in the classroom.
• Students who want to use the applications to improve their presentations and work.
• Professionals who want to increase their productivity in the work environment.
• Users who wish to obtain IC3 Certification. This book meets the standard topics for taking the Key Application exam.

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