16. Desarrollo de aplicaciones Android con JAVA

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Desarrollo de aplicaciones para Android con Java es una guía completada para la creación de aplicaciones con el SDK nativo de Android, actualizado hasta la versión 7.0 (Nougat) (Description in English below).

El libro enseña cómo crear nuestra primera aplicación Android hasta conceptos avanzados como el diseño de interfaces, fragmentos, dibujables, uso de estilos y temas, acceso a los sensores del dispositivo, pantallas multitáctiles, servicios e hilos de ejecución, el almacenamiento de información mediante bases de datos SQLite, preferencias o estadísticas, serialización de datos, acceso a la red y servicios REST.

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Description in English: Android is the operating system for mobile devices most used at the time of publication of this book, after experiencing a large increase in users in recent years which has extended not only to mobile phones, but to other devices such as tablets, televisions or video game consoles, among others. It has a complete SDK that will allow us to create applications that use all the features and services offered by these devices, and that we can publish in Google Play for any type of Android device.

Development of Applications for Android with Java gives us a complete guide for the creation of applications with the native SDK of Android, updated until version 7.0 (Nougat) of this operating system. The book is divided into 22 chapters where you can learn how from scratch how to create our first Android application to advanced concepts such as interface design, fragments, drawables, the use of styles and themes, access to the device’s sensors, multitouch screens, services and execution threads, storage of information through SQLite databases, preferences or files, serialization of data, or access to the network and REST services.

The contents are organized so that they can be followed step by step in learning this technology or so that they can be used as a reference manual. It includes simple and didactic explanations with complete code examples and 60 exercises solved.

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