32. HTML5, CSS3 y JQuery

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Este libro ofrece al lector toda la experiencia docente acumulada por el autor sobre las tecnologías más populares de desarrollo web: HTML5, CSS3 y JavaScript / JQuery (Description in English below).

Presenta una visión global que puede entender fácilmente cómo encajan las diferentes tecnologías en cualquier sistema web, para luego profundizar en aspectos fundamentales para desarrollar sistemas web de calidad. Se detallan los contenidos necesarios para crear un sitio web profesional y moderno, se enseñan los conocimientos de programación necesarios para crear sitios web interactivos y con gran calidad visual.

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Description in English: This book offers the reader all the teaching experience accumulated by the author in his academic career pertaining to the most popular development of web technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript / JQuery. Thanks to this experience, it presents a global vision that will allow us to easily understand how different technologies fit into any web system, and then deepen those fundamentals to develop quality web systems.

From a pragmatic spirit, and focusing only on those elements that are really relevant for development, the contents necessary to create a professional and modern website are detailed. Special attention is paid to the most current features of the HTML5 standard and adaptive design (responsive) using CSS3, which allows you to create web systems that adapt to any device (PC, tablet, phone, etc.).

In addition, the programming knowledge necessary to create interactive websites with great visual quality is taught thanks to JavaScript and JQuery technologies.Finally, several very useful libraries are reviewed to get professional finishes in any web application: Bootstrap, JQuery UI, Jquery Mobile and Isotope.All explanations in the book include examples and practical exercises that will allow the reader to acquire all these skills in a simple way.

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