31. Social Media. Herramientas y Estrategias Empresariales

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Cada vez son más las empresas que se apoyan de las redes sociales para relacionarse con su público, trabajar su marca y proteger su reputación en línea (Description in English below).

Sin embargo, pocas tienen una estrategia definida. Saber usar las redes sociales ya no es una opción, sino una necesidad para prosperar y este libro te proporciona las claves para conocer las nuevas reglas virtuales.

A través de sus páginas te irás adentrando de una manera didáctica en los fundamentos de las redes sociales y descubriendo los secretos para triunfar en Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube y demás redes sociales.

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Description in English: In this world of total connection in which we are currently, it is difficult to understand that a company, regardless of its size or sector of activity, remains absent from the Internet in general and social media in particular.

Social networks have become part of our lives as something that affects our daily routines. Therefore, more and more companies rely on them to interact with their audience, boost their brand and protect their online reputation. However, few have a defined strategy in this regard and really know how they should act on the social Web. Each company, each business and each professional has its specific needs but, for all, knowing how to use social networks is not an option, it is a need to prosper, and even survive in this exceptional moment in the history that we have to live.

You can feel lucky, this book provides you with the keys to know these new virtual rules. Through its pages you will go into a very didactic way in the fundamentals of social media and finally you will discover all the secrets to succeed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks

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