01. Conoce todo sobre LEGO EV3. Programación de Robots

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LEGO® EV3.Programación de Robots es un libro para entusiastas de la robótica y la programación de robots (Description in English below).

El objetivo es brindar al lector los fundamentos para introducir o reforzar conocimientos en las áreas de computación, informática, electrónica, matemáticas, robótica y sistemas inteligentes.

El lector desarrollará pequeños proyectos integradores que rápidamente se materializará mediante prototipos reforzando estas áreas de conocimiento.

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Description in English: LEGO® EV3.Programming Robots is a book for robotics enthusiasts and the programming of robots LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, the chapters start with simple practices that increase in complexity gradually and are developed in programming languages EV3-G (graphic), ROBOTC (language C), LeJOS EV3 (java) and the Toolbox MINDSTORMS of MATLAB®.

The LEGO EV3 robot has interesting features, compared to its predecessor the NXT. It has wifi connection, external storage with mini card, a greater number of ports to connect sensors, compatibility with platforms such as iOS and Android, compatibility with other manufacturers’ sensors and greater processing capacity among others. The objective of this book is to provide the reader with the foundations to introduce or reinforce knowledge in the areas of computing, computer science, electronics, mathematics, robotics and intelligent systems.

Throughout the work, the reader will develop small integrating projects that will quickly materialize through prototypes reinforcing these areas of knowledge. This book is oriented to professionals, students and self-taught; Due to its pattern, structure and didactic language, it is ideal to be Finally, the construction, code and videos of all the robots proposed in the book are available for download in the additional material hosted on the Web page of this book.

The book contains additional material that can be downloaded by accessing the book’s file at www.ra-ma.es. This material includes the construction, code and videos of all the robots proposed in this work.

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