10. Conoce todo sobre Contabilidad básica

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Este libro está dedicado a un amplio grupo de personas incluido estudiantes, directivos de empresas, trabajadores autónomos y pequeños empresarios y universitarios titulados (Description in English below).

El objetivo es muy simple: partiendo de lo que tiene la empresa y como lo financia, se desmenuza la actividad para comprenderla desde el punto de vista contable. Partiendo del todo y comprendiéndolo será más fácil entender cada una de las partes.

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Description in English: Readers accustomed to advanced ledgers will find it atypical that a ledger book for beginners will begin by explaining the balance sheet and not what is a journal entry. Certainly it must be clarified that it is not the most common way to explain accounting secrets to beginners.

If the premise is to teach accounting to people who know little about it in a simple way, the best way is to expose the concept of a company, a reality that is otherwise known because you work in one or have information through the media. . This business world is always present in our lives in different degrees.

Therefore, the consequence of these lines is very simple: this book is dedicated to a wide group of people:

– Students who start accounting in a high school subject, start at university or in a professional school.
– Company managers who come from more technical branches and who want to understand everything that their CFOs explain to them.
– Self-employed workers and small businessmen who, with a lot of effort, build their companies and do not give accounting the importance it has because the really essential thing for them is to dedicate their time to work.
– University graduates who do a master’s degree but who do not have a sufficient accounting base to understand all the complications of Business games.

And so you could continue with this list and make it more extensive. With these few points many people can already see themselves reflected.The objective of this book is very simple: starting from what the company has and how it finances it, the activity is broken down to understand it from the accounting point of view. Starting from the whole and understanding it will be easier to understand each of the parts.

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