02. Conoce todo sobre SEO Curso práctico: Cómo conseguir visitas a tu web con posicionamiento en buscadores

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ISBN: 9781681657028 Categoría: 06. ABG - Negocios y Empresa Autor:



Este libro es un manual práctico entre lectura amena y manual ilustrado sobre posicionamiento en buscadores (Description in English below).

Encontrarás imágenes representativas para recordar fácilmente los conceptos importantes, así como capturas de pantalla. Se ejemplifican situaciones reales que puedes reproducir y adaptar fácilmente a tu sector y, casos prácticos que te ayudarán a comprender mejor cómo funciona y se integra cada parte de una forma global y con datos y procedimientos de profesionales en el sector.

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Description in English: This book is a practical manual on search engine positioning in which, at all times, I have tried to maintain a balance, between pleasant reading and illustrated manual, so that it is easy to read and understandable, whether you are on a train, or if you want to do the examples step by step on a computer. Therefore, it is equally valid as support material in SEO training.

In each chapter you will find key images to make it easier for you to remember the important concepts, as well as screenshots showing the examples or tools that are mentioned. Additionally, there are several practical cases that will help you better understand how each part works and is integrated in a global way and with data and procedures from professionals in the sector. Also, at the end of each chapter there are several multiple-choice questions and a proposed exercise so you can practice what you have learned.

No previous knowledge in the field is required, although you will get more out of it if you are familiar with how content is managed on web pages and if you have access to any administration.

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