09. Conoce todo sobre Psicotrading: Gestión emocional del inversor

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En este libro se derrumban muchas de las falsas creencias en torno al psicotrading, podrás tomar conciencia de los obstáculos que aparecen en el camino y, sobre todo, verás como PSICOTRADING puede ayudarte a enfrentarlos y superarlos, a través de varias herramientas muy efectivas, las cuales algunas provienen del coaching (Description in English below).

Es una lectura apasionante, en la cual experimentarás el camino que debe transitar una persona que quiere vivir del trading desde la meta de salida hasta el final.

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Description in English: The worlds of the stock market and trading are very seductive, because they seem simple and in turn are surrounded by false beliefs, such as that of making money quickly and in large amounts.
br>To make a living within the financial markets, it is very important and necessary that people have a clear, strong mind and that they also know how to properly manage their emotions. This is a necessary condition if you want to obtain economic benefits.In this book you will find the collapse of many false beliefs that revolve around this profession, you will be able to become aware of the obstacles that appear on the way and, above all, you will see how psychotrading can help you face and overcome them, through various tools very effective, some of which come from coaching.

It is an exciting reading, in which you will experience how the path that a person who wants to live from trading must travel from the exit goal to the end.

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