28. Conoce todo sobre Aplicaciones Google


Es indudable que Google es un mundo en sí mismo al que todos quieren pertenecer (Description in English below).

Pues bien, esta obra propone un viaje a través de algunas de sus herramientas. Abarca desde el uso y manejo de su buscador, hasta el conocimiento de sus distintas herramientas.

Este libro está destinado a un público con diferentes niveles de conocimiento informático, ya que propone desde el conocimiento básico hasta el conocimiento cooperativo de las distintas aplicaciones.

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Description in English: Today, it is unquestionable that Google is a world in itself, a world that everyone wants to be part of, and that those who do not know do not know what they are missing.

Except for the search engine and certain tools offered to companies, Google is characterized by providing free and/or free software for all users who require it. From email, through virtual maps, to reaching office tools, all combined and directed from your own search engine.

Well, this work proposes a trip through some of its tools, so that they help us personally and professionally to better manage this new world that is within the Internet universe and that can be used personally or cooperatively. It covers a wide range of topics from the use and management of your search engine, until you gradually continue with the knowledge of many of its tools.

One of the biggest advantages is the absolute independence of the platform on which we work and the total compatibility between different users and locations.It is a work aimed at the public of different levels of computer knowledge, since what it proposes ranges from basic knowledge to cooperative knowledge of the different applications.

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