57. Conoce todo sobre Desarrollo de Bases de Datos: casos prácticos desde el análisis a la implementación

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Este libro presenta un análisis conceptual (utilizando el Modelo E / R) y diseño lógico (Modelo Relacional) del desarrollo de base de datos (Description in English below).

Tiene ejercicios prácticos relacionados con sus fases de desarrollo, desde su análisis hasta implementación, incluyendo el almacenamiento físico, organización de relaciones, y bases de datos distribuidos. Contiene varios problemas y casos prácticos de diversos grados de dificultad para introducirse en el desarrollo de Bases de

Datos Cada capítulo incluye una introducción con una panorámica de los aspectos técnicos para resolver los problemas propuestos.

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Description in English: This book presents a magnificent conceptual analysis (using the E / R Model) and logical design (using the Relational Model). It has a collection of practical exercises related to each and every phase of database development, from analysis to implementation, including physical storage, as well as file organization. Exercises on distributed databases are also included.The content of the book is adapted to the framework of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), focused on student learning, with the main objective of stimulating active learning and allowing greater participation and control over it.

The authors’ teaching experience has made it possible to detect the shortage of bibliography on this subject with a practical approach and they have selected a set of exercises that allow students to acquire the necessary skills that guarantee the proper development of the databases. That is why the purpose is to fill this gap with a book that contains numerous resolved exercises from exams, practices, etc., of the subjects of Databases taught by the authors at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Problems and practical cases have different degrees of difficulty so that the reader can both enter the area of Database development and tackle more complex problems.

Each chapter includes an introduction with an overview of the theoretical aspects required to solve the proposed problems. In addition, practical cases developed in ORACLE 10g are also included in order to offer an insight into how this technology supports the development of Databases. Finally, scripts are included in the resolution of the practical cases and distributed databases. It is important to highlight the fact that the exercises present different solutions, presenting critical analyzes of which is the most appropriate in each situation.

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