50. Conoce todo sobre Hacking práctico en Internet y redes de ordenadores

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El objetivo de este libro es introducirte en el mundo del pentesting o hacking de sistemas informáticos, desde el punto de vista de un atacante o hacker, así como del lado de un administrador de sistemas o responsable de la seguridad informática de una red, para saber qué medidas preventivas ayudarán a proteger su infraestructura de las debilidades de seguridad (Description in English below).

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Description in English: The objective of this book is to introduce readers to the world of pentesting or hacking of computer systems, from the point of view of an attacker or hacker, as well as on a system’s administrator viewpoint or by the person responsible for the computer security of a network, to know what preventive measures will help protect your infrastructure from security weaknesses.

In a first block, the necessary protocols are described to understand in detail how the information systems and the applications that run on them communicate. In addition, the techniques used to identify systems that may be susceptible to attack will be shown, as well as the collection of information regarding users, in order to create a defined and effective attack vector.

Under the main operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Linux, the second block will focus on exploiting and discovering vulnerabilities, as well as how to use automated tools to exploit them, maintaining a session once security is compromised, and breaking of passwords. In addition, the main exploiting techniques will be explained and used, and the main Internet sites will be shown, essential to learn how to download and execute these techniques efficiently in real life.

All chapters of the book begin with a description of the techniques to be used. After that, the installation, configuration and administration processes are explained with practical examples.

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