24. Conoce todo sobre Seguridad Digital e Informática


Este libro te ayudará a identificar la seguridad digital y la informática de una forma clara, fácil y amena (Description in English below).

Conocerás los riesgos y las consecuencias a los que puedes exponer en tu vida digital, y la forma de evitarlos. Si desea más seguro al navegar, realice compras en Internet o actualice sus redes sociales y no ponga en riesgo la privacidad de su información.

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Description in English: You don’t you shop online for fear of being scammed?Are you worried that your children surf the net without you knowing what they are doing and what dangers can be found?Do you carry a Smartphone in your pocket all day and know what you should do to be safe from computer attacks?

This book is the answer to all these questions and will help you to enter the world of digital and computer security in a clear, simple and simple way. Throughout 40 practical cases and situations of everyday life you will know the risks to which you expose yourself in your digital life, the consequences that they may have and how to avoid them.

Technology advances so fast that many times we feel overwhelmed by it. The expansion of computers, mobile devices and Internet connections has given us many possibilities in our daily lives but, although sometimes we are not aware of it, they expose us to many dangers that we must know in order to face them.

An essential work for any Internet user. Feel safer when you browse, when you shop online or update your social networks. Do not compromise the privacy of your information.

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